Recommended Practitioners

I absolutely believe that when you meet an incredible healer or intuitive person- if they take your breath away with their integrity, ability, and compassion- these are the people that need to be seen and made available to the seekers. The people on this page are people that I have personally or professionally have engaged with and I believe in them and think they’re worth checking out.

– Kate

Energy and Chakra Healing

Sheila Baskett

Certification(s): Body Detective (Cellular Release), Touch of Healing Institute

More about Sheila: I am an energy healer, certified in Cellular Release and Touch of Healing. I have been practicing these arts for over 10 years. During today’s highly stressful times, these services are most necessary to help one remain calm, clear, centered, and tuned-in to intuition. The healing is yours! I’m here to guide you back into balance — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually — bringing you greater joy and clarity. I can assist by balancing your chakras, releasing old, stuck energy, and improving your general wellness. I look forward to assisting you on your path!

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Nutrition and Natural Wellness

Healing Essentials & Wellness Misti Wilson, CNHP, MH

Offering: Health & Wellness Coaching,  Herbs, Supplements, Natural Healing Techniques, Biofeedback, Crystals, Bach Flowers, Essential Oils, Emotional Trauma Release, Rife Therapy, Infrared Laser Treatment, Chakra Balancing, Accutapping, Diet, Nutrition, Mental Health, Pain Relief Treatments. 

More about Misti and Healing Essentials & Wellness: My mission is to help people provide balance, structure and release trauma from their lives. How to stay vital aware, emotionally clear, connected, progressive, joy filled and beautiful. I give knowledge for your greatest state of living, wellness, diet, nutrition, self care and deliver excellent care to others.