Client Focus

Single 60 minute sessions can be utilized as needed during points in a client’s life where extra support or guidance is needed, as needed.

TLW also offers 3,6, and 9 month mentoring packages. These packages are tailored around your individual needs and interests.

Example areas of Mentorship Focus:

◦ Intuitive studies and development

◦ Life purpose discovery

◦ Guidance on heart centered leadership in the family or professional setting

◦ Processing heartbreak and loss with emphasis on divorce, breakup’s, or death

◦ Understanding reoccurring life trends

◦ Breaking non-life enhancing habits or behaviors

◦ Identifying joy and satisfaction in everyday living

◦ Soul focused, heart based life and career consulting

To learn more about how The Light Within can support you to accomplish your own individual breakthroughs and healing, contact us today to schedule a session or discuss a mentorship program designed for you.