Hello, and it’s so nice to connect with you!

I’m Kate Voyles, the Founder of The Light Within, and I want to thank you for visiting the website.

My life’s purpose is to help others discover how to live a more fulfilling life by relying on your own wisdom and inner guidance. I offer clients tools, techniques, and intuitive guidance to better understand the self for a more peaceful and positively abundant life. These tools are meant to empower and allow for a more authentic, meaningful, and satisfying approach to life. These services are truly meant to be utilized in a time of need based upon life circumstances and an honest desire to make real change.

This practice is wholly centered around assisting and supporting others in exploring and understanding the tremendous resource of wisdom, strength, and love that exists within. It is this innate resource- the inner light as I and many others refer to it as- that I wholeheartedly believe provides the answers, insight, and comforts that we constantly seek outside of ourselves.

Clients are welcome from all walks of life, religious beliefs, and backgrounds- this practice is founded in love and compassion for all. Everyone is welcome.

If you have questions about the services that we offer or have any questions please contact me. You can schedule your session by requesting an appointment.

May love and wisdom be yours always.