Wise Love as the Path to Equality and Inclusivity

More love, compassion, and understanding of true humanity (i.e. seen/experienced in the lives and teachings of Jesus, Mother Theresa, Gautama, and many other incredibly peaceful loving teachers) for all others is needed everywhere in every single country on this earth. Greater love than ever before. I infuse this way of living into my life every day as much as I can because I know what a life without love looks and feels like. I would think that we all do.

This means more love for the person who could be totally unlike me, including in their beliefs. Love for the person who is fearful of change and fearful of living in equality and in peace.

This is not an easy peasy everything goes distorted “love” (which is not real love at all), but the wisest Divine love that cuts through it all and knows without any doubt that we are all equal and worthy of our unique paths and of our greatest well being. Worthy of all the tools necessary to get us on our unique paths and and worthy of support to assist us in playing our part in this world. Worthy of sharing the tools with each other.

Wise, divine love is the key to going about redesigning this world in that loving inclusivity meant for ALL of us. When you’re rooted in love (wisdom or “light”), the world comes together in the most divinely orchestrated ways.

Wise love isn’t a pushover- don’t get it twisted, because this real, wise love isn’t afraid to let you fall down in order to learn how broadly encompassing love really is. It will also remind you right after the fall that even in those times of lesson and growth, you’re still worthy of the greatest fulfillment, joy, and experience. That your neighbor, no matter how unfamiliar to you, is worthy of this, too. It reminds you to keep trying. To keep growing your understanding of love.
Love doesn’t need to resort to violence or threats of violence. Nor does it have to manipulate with the use of money or control to get things done. Love conducts miracles and can move mountains without an ounce of tomfoolery. The wisdom of love BLASTS through illusion and mistruths, but you have to be willing to allow love to show you the way. And it’s not always easy opening your eyes to truth when you haven’t allowed much truth in your life. I’ve been there, too. As long as you’re willing to try and commit to bringing in more love and seeing absolute truth in all matters of importance to you, unbelievably amazing things are possible.

Here’s to MORE LOVE. And to being unafraid in acknowledging how unfamiliar this kind of acceptance, compassion, and peace may feel to us. A lot of us have been without this kind of unconditional love in our lives for a very long time, and if so we deserve to honor and explore the process with tenderness and care.

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