Mantra Day 4- Releasing Blocks to Welcome Brilliance

“I release any fear or block preventing me from expressing my most joyful, brilliant desires.”

DAY FOUR: Cutting ones hopes and dreams short because they’re not doable/sustainable/achievable/acceptable is a belief system that has many subscribers. Dreaming up and allowing yourself the freedom to step into new experiences inspired by those dreams provides a guiding path that allows us to further align with that which brings us the most fulfillment. The divine works directly through us when we choose to experience fulfillment. We limit our capacity for attracting magnificence when we temper the greatness of that which we want and we choose to not give it attention and exploration. We are not speaking of the humming of wants or ideas that both arrive and then fade quickly out so much as those same consistent desires that are constantly knocking on your imagination or mind. These desires ask to be painted more vividly, asking for more time to add more detail and vision… Asking you to consider making them real.

True desires are not just there to satisfy your imagination. They are present to guide you, enrich your life, bring you joy, bring you expansion by way of new experiences. They WANT to take form.

“I’ve always wanted to live near/on the water.”

“I could never learn enough about Italy.”

“I wonder about what would happen if I wrote that book.”

“I always think about being able to get away by myself for
a weekend, just me and without my family, to explore a
new place. Even just once.”

Do not forget, bright beautiful one, that you are worthy of the world – a most beautiful world full of a great range of experiences. Today we say yes to our heart’s imaginative desires and to dream them bigger and more beautifully. We accept that dreams are meant to evolve, expand, and grow. We have waved our goodbye to anything holding us back from our most divine, loving dreams and creations. Here’s to our most expansive desires and an amazing journey of bringing them to form.

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