7 Days of Life Changing Mantra – Day 5 – Greatest Expression of Life

“I give myself 100% permission to live my greatest expression of life with courage and fantastic creativity.”

DAY FIVE: It’s time to dream and live bigger in our authenticity. To allow ourselves a life driven by that which lights us up and interests us. Let us meet those interests with openness to learn and passion – and warmly embrace wherever that may lead us. Let us be lovingly unapologetic about what stirs our hearts and imaginations, and offer compassion to others on their journeys however different it may be from our own.

Today we are welcoming all the ways we can live more deeply and courageously in that which brings us the most satisfaction and joy. To the confidence that we can have in truly being ourselves. Let us stay grounded in our confidence and knowing of who we are and what we love to do.

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